My First Proposal!! 

​Anything Can be forgotten but not the first love!! The one whom we given our complete soul!! Loving from deepest part of the heart!! But it’s My Effort of getting her in my life has Not died!! I know she don’t feel the same way But  Atleast she deserves to know that somebody has madly in love with her!! 

Remembering my proposal with love in heart, Tear’s in Eye’s, Hope in life! 

—-With Love 2 My HeaRt —
Dear Bharati, 

Let the worst propose by faltu cheap boy, Be D last propose to u so I dint msgd u in Inbox otherwise I would never be late fr second exct at 12 I would proposed you.. 

So Dear I may be Not Handsome or cute n good looking like niraj… 

As u said, but I have a pretty HEART which always BEAT’S for you, A pretty MIND which always think of you, A pretty SOUL which NEED’s you, A little HUMANITY  which RESPECT’s you, A little KINDNESS which always ask SORRY to you Evn not Made mistake, I think all this quality’s are Enough for Me to Love you, care you.. 

Then Having a pretty FACE.

U dnt want this quality’s But this r my only things by which I can win you other than this I have Nothing. 

U may ask wt I did for you.. 

Wt I given to u, why shud I love you?? 

I have always WAITING for I know D pain of It. 

I have given u priceless gift u can never give me TIME u can’t Imagine in day I much time I see your profile. 

Any one can give a gift wch cost’s good. But no 1 have time to give you lik me Evn in busy schedule. 

Why shud u love me, Bcz I sacrificed my HAPPINESS n SELF RESPECT to get you, even you Hurtd me, M back with smile for your smile.

14/02/2016, 23:28 – Shivkumar: Your who told you to do this?? 

My heart said to me, I dint listen to friends or other people. Bcz dts all Dr opinions not mine. 

So I listen to my heart may it is on left side but decisions taken by heart are always right. 

Think once feel D feel of love once. I’m ready to sacrifice my happiness for ur happiness to keep u happy in life.  I try my level best to make you smile. 

Dear Love me Dr vl be no problem in families. I wil ask after D few years. 

You study well I will wait for you. Evn M waiting whole day to see you jus online. How could I not wait for year’s. My heart says your not in love with anyone. 

If so your carry on no problem. But think whether he love like me, Evn u Hurt him he come back, n he always have time for you. 

Once test him, hurt him lik how you Hurtd me from past to Now. 

Instead of loving beautiful one, Love D one who makes your life beautiful. 

For me also it is applied, but M sure if by chance you come in my life you make my beautiful. Bcz I trust you.

14/02/2016, 23:52 – Shivkumar: M so sorry, Mujhe nahi patha kyon unblock karke aiye oh , EHISAAN or DOSTI karke aiye tho wapas block karke jaana Mujhe dono nahi chaiye.. 

Ek bhundh utna PYAR or DARD  dena aiye oh tho marthe dum thak sailunga.. 

Kasam Se Yarr pagal hoon warna Thuje kab ke Tere Se durr chala jatha. Parr bhouth Chahta hoon tujhe Ek min dekha tujhe etna pyar kartha hoon, zindigi Barr sath rehigi tho kitna pyar karunga sochle Yarr. 

Bola na chala jaunga aur irritate, hurt, faltu ke bathe nahi karunga. Parr Ek bath boltha hoon…. 

If u want true love definitely you ull accept me one day, if u don’t need love u need something else, ull never be back… 
If you understood this msgs, feelings, you truly realise my love for you. 

Bus aur nahi sathaunga tujhe, bhouth hurt kiya hi maine, sorry fr all. I wil change my number soon. 

Never disturb you. 

Etna hi pyar kiya hi maine ese zayada nahi hoga, Koi kartha tumse use pyar karle.
Will you be my valentine bharati???????? 

1) Never 


3) No 

4) I wil keep u in option. 
Dear you always have no time for but I beg you jus it few seconds to answer give this much time Enough. 

After your answer I wil decide !! If u can’t answer just block me, Go live happy life!! 
Tumhara jawab ke baad Meri parchiye bi tum parr girne nahi dunga, wada hi Mera.

14/02/2016, 23:59 – Shivkumar: Anyhow happy valentine’s day

14/02/2016, 23:59 – Shivkumar: Exctly on the last Minute 


Proposal to My DiVINE Girl! 

​—-With Same Love to My Heart—-
Dear Sweetest Girl Bharti,
It’s true as you said you have lot boy’s I know you get lot of proposals too this valentine. 

Here is a boy waiting with humble from past year’s. 
I know you never understand my love for you, I know u never understand too. 

My word’s my feelings My proposal is just waste in front of your urge of hating me in ur life , but still somewhere I believe u can change which made me to keep my love alive.


Bharti I never talked or messaged you for a past year I was not in touch with you but still the urge of loving you has not changed with the same love I’m back for second valentine day. 
just believing keeping hope and without expectations.
 I know it hurts me lot when my effort of getting you in my life fails, or you never even tried to look after my efforts and sacrifices. The time I’m waiting for one girl. 
I’m thankful for saying my love is for sympathy or Mai Natak karr raha hoon in front of your friend deepika, 
If so really I have tried fa another girl instead of trying or dying for a girl who hate like anything, who hurt like anything, but so far still I’m loving you more than you hate because I love you I love the way your, it’s OK not everyone can feel the same feelings.
Because I always think,  should I HATE you because you hurt me?? 


Should I LOVE you because you made me feel special??? 
Answer to love you little More when I think of you. 
How much you break or hate me a person who is already broken or saddened?? Did it changed my love for no right I’m still loving with whole soul bharti !!! 
It’s being strange bharti, 

once I predicted My future with you,  but Now you remind me of the past.. 
I over react more than I should and once in a while, I might be insecure but if I am in love with you,  I can promise you wholeheartedly you will be loved with so much passion and intensity, 
You’ll always be cared for and you’ll always have someone in your corner May I’m not be best perfect Men like you want and may not be good at being loved – But Bharti I like to think I’m pretty good at loving!!!! 
#I know you hate my long messages but finally I have something deep inside to say.. 

“Aakash Ka Soona Pan Mere Tanha Man Mein 
Paayal Chhankati Tum Aajao Jeevan Mein 
Sanse Dekar Apni 

Sangeet Amar Kar Do, 
Jag Ne Chheena Mujhse, Mujhe jo be laga pyaara, 
Tum Haar Ke Dil Apna 

Meri Jeet Amar Kar Do
Meri jeet amar kar do ”
“Nothing # is more beautiful than honesty ”
Honestly one girl in my heart for her I’m trying I’m praying I’m dying I’m crying I’m loving bharti!! 


WILL You Be My Valentine please!! 


My world of darkness!

When sunsets, the moon shines,
When I close my eyes to sleep,
You raise in My Eye’s as sun.

When moon shines, the world light’s,
When world light’s I go in darkness,
To see you shine in My world of darkness.

You’re My moon in My darkness.
You’re My sunshine in My success.
You’re My world of Lights in My Nights.

Because I believe Bhakti is My only  brightest star in Million of star’s.

Before I close My Eye’s forever I want, you to shine in My world of darkness.


A gift of Happiness!

It’s being Hard to present a gift,
To one who never value your presence,
To one who always hate you,
It’s like the the standing at seashore feeling the feel of waves,
Which gives the feel but can take you the beneath of sea,
Holding the pain inside, wishing a happy life for the one who I love,
Decided to make her day happy,
I presented A gift of My Happiness,
A teddy bear, For her cuteness.
A small watch, to tell her I think of her.
A Heart box inside a massage bottle, It’s the Massage of heart.
A chocolates, for her sweetness.
A Fine cutting on wood, Is the symbol of My Happiness and My sadness!
A gift not to Impress, not to Express,
A gift not to show My love,
It’s just A gift of Happiness!
One More best gift is Not to Disturb you Anymore!
For your happiness, Happieee Birthday Bharathi !


I Tried And Cried!!

I tried and cried, to hold your hand forever,
I tried and cried, to be with you all the time,
I tried and cried, to hear your sweetest voice,
I tried and cried, to take you in my arms,
I tried and cried, to hug you when you worried,
I tried and cried, to kiss you when it’s raining,
I tried and cried, to wipe your tears in your difficult times,
I tried and cried, to take care of you All the time,
I tried and cried, to show my love for you,
When all my efforts turn to meaningless,
I just tried and cried, but still not tired in loving you!!!